Friday, September 2, 2011

Training the Eye

All aboard! Looking through the glass window of the entry door of an idle switch engine, I suddenly had the feeling that I was revisiting a dream. It was an all to common one where I, the passenger, found myself racing through familiar landscape at the mercy of a reckless driver who I couldn't even find.

The photo works like a collage depicting my somewhat disturbed mind. There is a chair waiting to be filled and the tracks beyond. You might think that symbolically it is time for me to confidently take my seat and steer forward without Angst. Were it possible, I could, at this late date, reinvent myself and chug joyously down the line. Yet the door is locked and the seat is facing the wrong direction. It is not for me. I guess I am forever derailed! Instead my wheels happily wobble and screech and have taken me far. I have had an amazing journey and have seen countryside I wouldn't exchange for a different ticket.

1 comment:

  1. You are in a place we all find ourselves in -- sooner or later. So good to see you back online, Lee. I hope your next adventure is as wonderful and fulfilling as it sounds! Take care, enjoy and BE!