Saturday, September 24, 2011

Capturing the Moment

Tonight I am back in Bogota after having spent the last three days far to the northeast in the Orinoco Basin. It was an intense whirlwind trip and I am still on such sensory overload that I can barely express myself and wil be glad to share details on my next post.

I know that I toured an area so physically and emotionally distant that the remaining sensation of my travel is like the feeling I often have of struggling to hold the memory of a snippet in a dream that evaporates with the morning light. In this case I am drenched in a kaleidescopic eddy of brilliant colors, strange calls, and incomprehensible people.

The wondeful part of taking pictures is that that they play a serious trick on the amnesia brought on by the passing of time. They serve as a testimonial which preserves more clearly and convincingly some unique scenes of an amazing adventure after the magical picture book has closed.

Rather than continuing to rattle on with etherial thoughts, I decided that, through the above photos, I'd enjoy introducing you to some characters I encountered the other day along the river. Do you know what these animals are or for that matter what they are thinking? !!!


  1. Wasn't it Rousseau who said, "You never know what a capybara is thinking"? You described a dazed response very well. I think the capybaras look like swimming horses. How amazing to have seen them!

  2. Incredible captures. What a wonderful adventure! Rest up and get ready for the next one! Glad all went well!


  3. What is that creature in the second photograph from the top? It looks absolutely prehistoric. I'm pretty sure it's an alligator or crocodile of some kind, but if you told me it's a dinosaur I'd almost believe you!