Saturday, September 3, 2011

East meets West

To appreciate this picture it may be necessary to click on it and enlarge it!

Several years ago while touring the East Coast I found myself in a small industrial town in New Jersey. I was hungry and began to search for a place to eat with the hope of finding a mom and pop place serving local food. Much to my surprise and mirth I came upon this eatery.

Just imagine the possibilities.... a scrumptious chow mein enchilada or a tasty frijole-loaded spring roll. In any case the ownership was obviously looking for a broader appeal. Perhaps they might have thought to rename the place The Sombrero Dragon.

Personally I like both Mexican and Chinese food, but for some reason I lacked confidence in a chef who clearly had an identity problem. Come to think of it, a little tequilla instead of tea could help wash down some of their zesty Egg Foo Young. Then again I decided that a fortune cookie written in Spanish would be a major disappointment. What could it say? "Senor, you must learn to use chopsticks!" With that in mind I said adios and sayonara and moved on.


  1. Well, you started my day with a laugh and that's always good! Think I'll pass on that combination as well! I can only think/eat in one language at a time anyway.


  2. Picking nits again, but on your blog for a change: "Sayonara" is Japanese, not Chinese. I'll let it pass this time because I don't know how to say goodbye in Chinese, and I bet you don't either. And on that happy note I'll have another of those sushi enchiladas...

    On second thought--no I won't!

  3. In this situation I'd say zaijian in Chinese, but the literal translation is "see again" as in au revoir. So that doesn't work either. Maybe mix a little more and say ciao! Fun post, Lee.