Monday, September 5, 2011

A Night to Remember?

I know! It is another one of those typical, sophomoric, sunset pictures. There are so many published daily and which are certainly more dramatic than this one. So forgive me for being trite. Simply put, I like the way the pointed-shaped roofline of the picnic shelter at Bend's Old Mill Park directs the eye skyward. In fact the form reminds me of the pyramids of Egypt and most of all, the delta, fourth letter and number of the Greek alphabet.

This thought stimulated me to look in Wikipedia, where I learned of the many ways the delta has been used over time to descibe amazing concepts in such fields as mathematics, physics, genetics, astronomy and, in addition, has been marginalized by the naming of airlines and hurricanes.

What I enjoyed the most was reading that this symbol also has represented the Greek mythological scientist and inventor Daedalus, who, aside from creating the maze for the minotaur, is most remembered for replicating wings from wax and strapping them onto his son Icarus. The youngster, both blessed and cursed by his father's creative dreams, proceeds to fly upward toward the sun and then melts down to his demise.

This black triangle, silhouetted by the evening sky, like a schoolmaster's pointer, reminds me tonight of the value of unbridled imagination. It directs me away from the mundane and offers me a lovely, comforting handprint of clouds floating above. Most of all, it provides encouragement that I must write these thoughts down without any other apparent reason, if only to relieve stress, and record them in this post as a reminder of a fleeting moment in my adventure.


  1. A lovely way to end a day -- any day. A thought provoking post, Lee. Somehow I seem to read some anticipation, some concern as well as excitement about your upcoming trip. I feel quite certain it will be one more of your amazing journeys. Have a great trip, stay safe and do share the fun with us through your posts.


  2. Sunsets are never, ever, trite or mundane. Want to exchange your stress for mine? No? I thought not. Relax and enjoy the journey.