Thursday, September 15, 2011

Lost in (thought) in the jungle

I normally post only one or two pictures, but today I thought I would make a futile attempt to convey the feeling of the vastness and complexity of the jungle. The pictures have been placed in ascending order from the bottom picture upwards. Every dot of space is drenched in radiant beauty. Life and its renewal fill the air and are accompanied by the sounds of birds, monkeys and cicadas. Sometimes there is a rustling of something moving nearby. Whatever it is, it is cloaked within a magical green garment. Who knows, it may be a coatimundi or a mysterious nothing. It doesn't matter. It merges with the light, the air, the earth, the odors, and the essence of all living and dying things. I walk through the rainforest in awe. Its message to me feels so powerful, although what that it actually says about the purpose of life, I don't really know. I experience it as an entwined vine wrapped around my trunk. Nonetheless, like all else, I live fervently under the canopy searching for light until my end.


  1. Gorgeous captures and a wonderful post for the day. It is easy to see/feel the effect, the deep impression that this trip is having on you! What a wonderful, awesome experience! Thank you for sharing it, Lee.


  2. For some reason, I'm having a harder time than usual coming up with the words to express my response to this post, even though I've read it three times since last night. But each time I seem to focus on the words "the essence of all living and dying things." I think it's because these words evoke for me the wheel of the year and the cycle of life--of birth, growth, death, and rebirth. This holds true at all levels.