Monday, January 18, 2010

Last Samba in Brazil

This is my last post in Brazil. Hopefully someone will be picking me up at 4:30 AM and taking me to the airport, where I will be traveling to Bolivia for my next stop on my Amizade Adventure. The internet at the site is down, so I am writing today from a cafe down the street. The computer is old, the keyboard is strangely configured, the place has people waiting and, if I took off my shirt, it would feel like I were taking a sauna.
This probably is more indicative of the conditions, by which I will be doing subsequent posts. It may be a while until I check in again. I don´t arrive at my hotel on Lake Titicaca until late tomorrow and I don´t report to the orphanage until January 27th. In the interim I hope to explore my new surroundings and may even cross into Peru.
For my last picture of Santarem, I had intended to enlarge the above shot. It is of a fisherman waving good bye. I enjoyed the hospitality of the Brazilian people, the diverse and never dull culture, and especially the natural beauty of Santarem, its vicinity and, of course, the rivers. The power and sheer size of the Amazon and the Tapajos leave me at a loss for words. We took a small boat out the other day and I kept on catching myself from thinking I was on the coastline of some ocean. In any case, my next stop will be high in the Andes. The first time I see a llama or an alpaca I´ll think of you.


  1. What an adventure you are having!! I look forward to your posts each day although I know you probably won't be able to post with the same regularity. Do enjoy! Holding good thoughts for you!


  2. Good-bye Brazil. It was very interesting, Lee. Just to see the people was great.

    I would like to see the Andes someday.

    Awainting the next event. MB

  3. This is such a cool photo! When I enlarged it, it was nice and sharp, and the fisherman's wave was very clear! I hope you find it cooler and easier to handle the climate, and that there will at least be a few Internet connections. As MB said, it was really nice to see the people. Of course, all of your photos were interesting, along with your thoughts. Bon voyage until next meeting!

  4. I'm looking forward to your next post, wherever you post from. I continue to hold you in my thoughts.