Friday, January 8, 2010

Faces of Brazil

These are a few of the people I met while in Rio this week. I have no problem taking posed pictures and often get better shots than when I have snapped unsuspecting subjects. There is a story that goes with each picture, but it is my purpose is to remember these faces and share stories later and today to just appreciate the diversity in this culture. Also the lady in the background of the third picture, I found incredibly striking. She shows many of the characteristics of indigenous people, but seemed reluctant to have her picture taken.

I am looking forward to sharing pictures from my new location, Santarem, a small river town on the Amazon, but am still working out kinks. Getting on line has been a little problematic and internet cafes are less than excited about using them to upload a ton of pictures. Also bear with me, blogger spellcheck is geared for Portuguese!


  1. I love this post! I had expected scenery, and I saw faces instead. I love to see both, of course, but this was a nice surprise. You do such nice work with people, something I don't even attempt, although maybe I'll be encouraged by your pictures. These remind me of your wonderful pix from India. Maybe when you get back to the frozen north and need something to do indoors, you'll make a blog for the India photos. Your people shots from that trip were outstanding and more.

  2. Great post as always, Lee! And I enjoyed seeing the shots of people and such a lovely variety! I haven't done much with people either, but maybe I'll try some too! Thanks for stopping by my blog, I know it isn't easy with all you have going on now. I'm just so excited to see the next bunch of shots! Enjoy! Have a great day!


  3. These are wonderful pictures, but you'll never believe the connection I make with these "faces of Brazil." They remind me of some of the faces in my family album on Strange but true: There is one branch of my maternal grandmother's family that emigrated to Brazil not too long after getting off the boat at Ellis Island. They lived there for a couple of generations and of course intermarried with native Brazilians. Most have recently migrated to Georgia, but I believe some are still living in Brazil. I don't know exactly where but I guess it wouldn't be too hard to find out. Portuguese is their native language, of course.

  4. Of course I'll bear with you, why shouldn't I? ;-)

    Isn't it usual for indigenous peoples to prefer their souls not to be snatched by the camera?

  5. Interesting post, Lee. I, too like the pictures of the people.

    Keep on truckin'. MB

  6. Wonderful unstaged photos. I like all the faces & yes, the diversity. I am looking forward to many more posts. It's very exciting to be anticipating your new world view.
    So how is your Portuguese? No problem for us if you start posting in a different language of your choice.
    Thank you so much for stopping by - esp. with limited Internet access. I've been by every day but from work, and due to its Internet security features, have not been able to comment (can only comment on the format with a separate pop-up window). So today, I'm catching up on commenting.

  7. I hope you get more chances to capture the people..I too lkike the candid shots..especially if they let you do a write up too:)