Friday, May 7, 2010

A low ha!

This is clearly not Bend, Oregon. If people carry the soul of a particular animal then I am a hummingbird, a restless creature that can not sit still. Consequently I felt the need to flit off and fortunately Tapirgal was eager to spend a few days in Maui to celebrate her birthday, so off we flew. Exhausted, but happy after the 6 hour flight, we found our way along a busy winding island road to the condo I had booked hastily.

The above photo taken from the patio depicts the soothing atmosphere of tranquility which is so characteristic of Hawaii. I am not sure I can ever get my wings to stop beating so rapidly or slow my heart rate down. I am what I am. In the meantime I hope to relax, take some pictures and experience the ease in the breeze. We'll see. A turtle I'm not.


  1. Have a great time and happy birthday to madame!

  2. Lee - we haven't met but I've recently posted a few comments on Astoria Daily photo. I also followed your blog the whole time you were overseas. You are amazing - and obviously have pegged your animal soul well - as you continue to fly away, fly away, fly away.

    Anyway - quick background. Born in Seaside, raised in Astoria and lived in Bend from 1979 - 1986. Although our paths have not crossed, some of our travels surely have!

    Relax, enjoy and please pass my birthday well wishes along to Sheryl.


  3. The photo came out as beautifully as the evening was.

  4. Hi Lee! I have not caught up on your adventures lately but from seeing these have been and seen much! Beautiful and wonderful photos! Takecare!