Sunday, February 7, 2010

Saturday Afternoon

After walking for hours in the heat yesterday and seeing plazas, churches and distinctive architecture, I feel mindless today and wanted to post a few pictures that through detail tell about my day.
The first photo is of the sidewalk which surrounds Cochabamba's main square, 14de Septembre. The illusion had me worry for a moment that I was experiencing heat stroke.
I took cover nearby under the umbrella of a cafe shown in the second photo. I have always loved sitting in outdoor restaurants and cafes. This particular place served delicious fruit drinks. Right now durazno, fresh peach juice, is in season. It is served in huge pitchers ice cold. I wish I could share a glass with you.
The third picture is the top of the column found in the center of the above-mentioned plaza. It is surrounded by the park's mature shade trees, gorgeous flowers, fountain, and quaint benches. Perched on a column in the center of the park is a stone replica of an Andean condor. The condor symbolizes the highest stage of existence, the universe in traditional Indian thought. My eyes see so many little things at the plaza: clothing, jewelry, facial expressions, blankets, children and their toys, exotic plants, stone details, and food. I am too stunned by the magic in the air. I need to sit down for a while and put my camera away and ask myself again where I am.


  1. Doesn't look like its hot from here in Oregon. Ahhh, peach juice sounds great. Enjoy.

  2. The first is one of your best, but I'm enjoying them all. It was nice to see a post like this. Each post has had a unique quality or theme.

  3. I didn't know that explanation of the condor. That was very cool. You know I'd be trying to get a photo of it.

  4. Love them all! And I would love some peach juice!! I agree with tapirgal, each of your posts has it's on theme, allowing us to see so many different aspects of where you are! Enjoy! And thanks for sharing it all!


  5. I was impressed by the abstract, graphic quality of the first picture, but then I'm always attracted to photographs like that. (Note to self: Try taking a few of your own, but make sure your lens is clean first!)

    You KNOW you're in the southern hemisphere if fresh peach juice is in season! Last time I checked, the peach trees haven't even started blooming yet, and we won't have fresh peaches until the end of June at the earliest.

  6. Certainly not in Kansas. Sounds like you are enjoying yourself. Would love to have a glass of that juice.

  7. I bet it is mind boggling when you sit and realize just where you are. the great beauty and the colors and the beautiful people and smiling children---is it true? MB

  8. I would love to enjoy that wonderful durazno. Maybe we can replicate it this summer!

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