Friday, February 19, 2010

Deep in Oxford?

These few photos fall short in an attempt to describe the incomprable beauty and intense energy that pervades this famous university community of Oxford. An array of quaint specialty shops housed in 17th century buildings, selling everything from maps or antiquarian books to exotic foods line sidewalks crowded with intelligent people. Interspersed among the finely decorated facades are large wooden doors which serve as entrances to college buildings and lecture halls. A feeling of the great educational tradition remains locked behind Gothic walls of stone.

I fantasized what it would take to move to England, be accepted at Oxford and to challenge myself again now as a more mature student. I sensed the joy of the intellectual stimulation of learning among the best and living in a community which has so much cultural activity, including the Ashmolean Museum and the Bodlean library. I saw myself rowing along the Thames, acquiring a taste for English ale, and taking occasional trips over to the Continent to tour Europe's greatest scenes.

Now I am back in London and my momentary ambition has been tempered by the realities of such an effort. Sometimes it easy to believe that everything is possible and others times even getting dressed is a struggle. I have made much of my life already and maybe some dreams just need to be moderated. Like a character in the Canterbury Tales, I have a journey ahead of me and its story has yet to be told.


  1. It's good to fantasise and dream. It's essential.

  2. I've often had the same thoughts re: Oxford and I've never been there. So, your dream must have been quite intense.

    Nothing wrong with dreaming, though, as long as you know your limitations.

    Looks to be an incredible place, intellectually and otherwise.

    Glad you're having a good time.

  3. The last lines of your post make me almost afraid to find out what you're planning on doing for an encore, after your Amizade adventure is over. Please note that I said almost afraid to find out! I'm still gonna stick around, because I have a feeling it will be pretty spectacular... whatever it turns out to be.

  4. Dreams are what feed the mind and we all need that. They stir the imagination, regenerate the mind, warm the heart and shine light into the sometimes darker places. Enjoy!


  5. HiLee! I just read over previous posts and it looks like you had an incredible and touching experience. I the images you posred were fantastic and touching as well. It's amazing that the schools only funding is through it's communities not government..if I read that right. And it is sad that due to our crisis that students and others can make their way least in numbers and supplies. Thank you so much for sharing these experinces with everyone! Also, now you are embarking on new adventures..wonderful images of the castles and I know how you feel about these historic places..I always share the ups and downs of emotions that the beauty and history these places bring.

  6. What an amazing place, with Medieval images everywhere you turn - every vista a photo. Not to mention that I began to imagine the place at age 16 when I first studied T.E. Lawrence and his involvement with Oxford and the Ashmolean, so this was a dream come true. Much more to come in my blogs. You write about it so differently than I will, and I enjoy your view and thoughts. Also, your writing is spectacular.