Sunday, October 12, 2014

Ramblings from the Road

Tonight we are in  Pinedale,Wyoming, below Yellowstone National Park and Jackson Hole. We have turned South and will soon cross Utah and hope to reach the Grand Canyon by mid-week. On Wednesday, it will be a month since we left Miami and, I have to admit, as I plotted this week's route through western states, I became anxious about the trip ending. There is a part of me that fears returning home and feeling restless with the familiar and the mundane.  I guess "I Was Born a Ramblin' Man." Sergio seems to have that "wind at your back" mentality as well. He has been taking in America fully. He has not slept or dozed in the car even once across the monotonous prairie, the vast stretches of farmland or through open plains. He snaps photos occasionally, asks a question once in a while, but is mainly silent. Like me, his eyes are fixed on the details of the passing towns and countryside which are magically drenched in soothing Autumn colors. There is little to say that can capture adequately the fullness of the experience. One enjoyable aspect of any road trip is to read the signs that pop up along the way that bring a smile. I have selected several for your review.

The first comes from outside a tavern at the edge of Interior South Dakota. It is a well meaning, good hearted message and implies that anyone is welcome at the Horseshoe. It also describes something about its clientele. I briefly considered stopping to buy a shirt and sit at the bar and have a Coors with some of the big boys, but then I decided that, after sitting on my butt driving all day, I needed exercise instead.

The second sign was placed adjacent a path in a rural park in Central Florida where we stopped to have lunch. Its purpose is to advise people of the dangers of large toothy reptiles and to protect the animals from human contact  as well, However, warning people to avoid molesting alligators seems, quite frankly, a little perverse. I shudder to think how some local deviant might plan to molest an innocent unsuspecting alligator. Lure it with small sweet frogs into his van?

Last of all, I was amazed to see this highway sign while entering Interstate 140 off of Union Avenue in Memphis, Tennessee. People often spell the way they talk. I can see how a Southern drawl might influence the misspelling of pedestrian.. But then again, in a state where edjacatn is hindured by maybe a little too much prain, shud I be sirprised?


  1. Fun post for the day!! Thanks for the giggles and grins! You two seem to be well matched travelers!

  2. This is such a wonderful post. I just got back from Starbuck's a little while ago, and this post was the perfect thing to discover right after I walked through the door. I was disappointed though that when I tried to play your song I was unable to get any sound out of my computer...again. A few weeks ago I was at least able to listen to most YouTube videos, even if I couldn't listen to podcasts. I'll try running System Mechanic and see if that improves things.

  3. So here it is, four weeks after I posted my first comment on this post, and I was only able to listen to your song for the first time yesterday on my new laptop. I wasn't able to get any sound out of my old one no matter what I did. Just seeing the title of the song reminded me of a similar one, "The Wayward Wind." I have an exceptionally vivid memory of that song going back to 1956, when I was 10 years old and living in Yucca Valley, California. Of course I couldn't play that song either. My frustration was almost unbearable because I could still "hear" it so clearly in my head after so many years. Now four weeks later I can finally hear it in reality, and so can you: