Monday, October 15, 2012

My Deployment?

Good morning Viet Nam. Although these pictures are only a few of the hundreds I have taken on my float through Cambodia,  it gives a glimmer of an idea of how much I am appreciating the cruise. I have only a minute to fire this post off before we dock at a small village across the border. It is a moving experience for me to be here after all the years of hearing the name of this country and how much, as a young man, the War impacted my life . Then again it is nothing compared to my friend Jay, who toured here as a Naval officer in 1969 and saw and experienced all that which I did my best to avoid. He spoke over breakfast about his last days here. I am awed, and frightened to come on shore. Then again on such a journey as this one, so removed from my normal life, emotions are predictably mutable. More later. My love to all of you


  1. I do know what a moving experience this will be for you. Vietnam had an impact on my life, my marriage as it did on so many others.

  2. Maybe others will be inspired by your posts to take a similar trip. It does seem to be magical. In those years in which we came of age, who could have imagined?

  3. As the I Ching says, "No blame." It was a tragic and impossible situation, and aftershocks have continued to this day.