Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A bouquet for you

Over the past several days my adventure has taken me again to places so amazing and remote. I have criss-crossed the mountain ranges of Colombia from the hot, wet, steamy Pacific slopes just above sea level to the 12,400 table top in the Central Cordelleras. My desire to photograph and identify lovely plants and animals along the way has been fostered by the expertise and patience of my guide Emilio.

The above photos are only three of over 2000 pictures I have snapped so far. Rather than ramble on and write about a myriad of subjects that come to mind , I'd rather make this post more visual. Click on each picture and see how you feel about yourself, the world around you, about conservation, or about art and beauty.

For me, this trip has been about all those subjects. If these pictures bring you some joy or knowledge or peace, then you will be in touch with the vibrant positive life source I have been experiencing these past weeks. There is a time when the expression "smell the roses" is best taken literally. I hope that, for a moment, this may be that occasion.


  1. Your thoughts are perfect for the day. I have to know what kind of hawk has that amazingly thin, curved beak!

  2. Wonderful post for the day, superb captures, glorious colors! Thank you for bringing the beauty so that I, too, can smell the roses.


  3. I looked at the pictures (enlarged) twice - once last night and again just now. They are all beautiful, but I think my favorite one is the close-up of the leaf. There is a quality of mystery in the shadows of the other twigs and leaves on the lower leaf that fascinates me.