Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Canyon de Chelly Revisited

Yesterday I posted last weekend's trip to Canyon de Chelly and a number of people sent kind words and asked for more information and pictures on this remarkable remote spot within the Navajo reservation in Northeastern Arizona.

Even as I include a few more shots today, these scarcely does this amazing historical and geologically fascinating scenic site justice. Also I prefer a paucity of words to best convey a feeling of essence rather than relating facts which can be found on other sites.

By enlarging the first photo you may see a sheer rock face with a cave which marks the location of the "White House" ruins. The second photo, taken from the floor, shows the ruins peaking around the corner. The last photo is of only small part of the more than 60 rooms remaining from the Anasazi community who constructed homes here between 1040 and 1275A.D. I chose this photo because of the figure prominently displayed in the rock. I think it is a sign of welcome to those who come in peace. It greets you today and perceives the love in your heart.

Btw, the cactus in yesterday's post is called "Cholla" and, along with "Prickly Pear," is in abundance along the trail.


  1. What an incredible place and such stark beauty! Your photos are marvelous as always, but there's something more in them that I can't describe. Thanks for sharing!


  2. These are outstanding images. I'm glad you pointed out the White House, because I missed it in the first photo. Even though you say these areas have been more often photographed, the pictures don't seem over-used. I've seen a lot of Out West pix, and these look fresh and new to me. You did a nice job taking them and choosing, which must have again been hard. Even though I've seen a lot of red rock cliffs (especially while living in Colorado), this location is not at all diminished. My cousins used to talk about it, but I've never been.

  3. Lucky you on the trail of the Anasazis.