Sunday, November 22, 2009

First posting

After reading the renowned travel writer Pico Iyer's essay "Why We Travel" in the journal provided to Amizade volunteers, I realized that the best ideas about journeys have already been expressed more eloquently than I could ever imagine. Therefore it is my desire to share with you my feelings and thoughts on this adventure in a tone neither with pretense nor agenda and as simply and as uniquely me as possible.

Quite frankly, and I suppose with good reason as the departure date grows nearer, I feel particularly anxious. The scope of my trip, even for a seasoned traveler, is massive, although it is boringly simple when compared to journeys of those before me who embarked on sailing vessels across unknown seas to unknown lands. Nonetheless, even though so many before me, certainly younger, more fit, and genetically more confident, have undertaken similar challenges, it is I, who at his own pace with his own unique handicaps, who has chosen to use some of my remaining days to see the world in this manner. Tonight I am feeling devoid of lofty ideals about service and bettering myself. I know these thoughts and many more will come. For now, I am in preparation mode, deciding on proper equipment, organizing my itinerary, and putting my stateside affairs in order. That's it. Somehow if I do this part right, the path will be easier. Then again it has been well established that the unpredictable generally appears as the most formidable opponent on the battlefield and so I suppose it will be the same for me.


  1. As the sign behind you says: Farewell. MB

  2. Please try not to worry too much about having your own unique handicaps. You have your own unique gifts too, and they WILL manifest in the days and weeks and months ahead. I have no doubt about that!

    Blessed be,

  3. I'm wishing you safe and happy travels my brother.